The Winter Warmer from his and her’s wardrobe

Winter is actually a great time to step up your personal style and start experimenting with layering different pieces of your wardrobe. Finally, Winter is here in Kathmandu and we all are experiencing days getting cold and colder with decreasing temperature and in an urge to wear something warm and warmer. Sitting inside your home … Continue reading The Winter Warmer from his and her’s wardrobe

Strolling around in Denim

Guess what ! The best thing about Denims are that you can wear in any season and you will still love it . For me the Autumn isn't the late night clubs or  movie shows...... it was being able to enjoy the 26 degrees  in the City (Kathmandu ) in September.   I assume that wearing … Continue reading Strolling around in Denim

His and Her’s Style inspiration for Autumn

Hello beautiful people out there ! By now,  we all know that Autumn is nearly here again !!  We are  experiencing  it all around us everywhere we go. The soaring temperatures of summer have started to ease off a bit and a host of major festivals are  just around the corner. And with so much … Continue reading His and Her’s Style inspiration for Autumn

The Roadhouse recreation 

Apart  from its other branches, Roadhouse cafe at Boudha Stupa acts as the icing factor just as like in cake. Location: Located just the right hand side of the main entrance of the Boudha Gate, Roadhouse Cafe is camouflaged with modern art and artifacts among the Buddhist community stores around. Meanwhile, the ambiance inside the cafe … Continue reading The Roadhouse recreation